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Weights loading Melt flow Index Rate Testing Machine advantages

                           Weights loading Melt flow Index Rate Testing Machine advantages

Provide the test value of thermoplastic melt mass flow rate (MVR) under the conditions specified in the test standard of the electric Melt flow index meter. The touch screen control is adopted, and the device can be used after simple screen setting. The test method after setting can be stored in the device for future call. If more complex Statistical process control is required, the tester can also be connected to the software through USB data line to control and collect the data of the instrument, and generate reports and control charts as required.

In addition, other innovative designs also include a mold release device, allowing users to easily remove the mold for cleaning. The new conical grooved weight design makes loading and unloading safer. There are two options for the extrusion cutter: manual and automatic. The standard metal mirror facilitates the operator to see the real-time status of the extrusion and die.

Features of electric Melt flow index meter:

1. The measured results can be automatically converted into each other, with the function of melt density testing, and equipped with a weight automatic loading device. One machine has multiple functions, and the timing, cutting, loading, and result printing are automated.

2. The control software can achieve functions such as parameter setting, constant temperature control, cutting, measurement calibration, automatic loading of weights, timing, display of MFR and MVR results, calculation of melt density, and query and export of test data after the experiment is completed. To prevent misoperation, some important operations require password verification.

3. 7-inch full color touch screen, multilingual operation interface in Chinese and English.

4. The heating speed is fast, the overshoot is minimal, and the constant temperature accuracy is high. After filling, the constant temperature state can be quickly restored. It has functions such as upper limit temperature protection, constant temperature sound prompt, and reply time sound prompt.

5. By setting, automatically identify the test intervals of ASTM standards, ISO standards, and national standards.

6. During testing, the mass method, volume method, or both testing methods can be selected, and the flow rate ratio can be calculated. Both methods start testing when the piston rod moves to a certain position.

7. When using the volumetric method for testing, the MVR value of the sample at the specified time can be determined, and the MFR value can be obtained by weighing the sample and comparing it with the results of the mass method test.

8. The system has the function of storing experimental parameters.

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