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  • 8.5 tons high precision high screw speed mini desktop full electric injection molding machine
8.5 tons high precision high screw speed mini desktop full electric injection molding machine

8.5 tons high precision high screw speed mini desktop full electric injection molding machine



8.5 tons high precision high screw speed mini desktop full electric injection molding machine


1Max. clamping force: 8.5Topening mould stroke105mm


2Mold size about180×180mm


3Opening mould displacement repeatability0.002mm


4Clamping part lubrication system and set auto lubrication system


5Reserve mold monitoring interface


6Standard configuration: front and back plate and insulation board;


7Standard configuration: 2 stations to control the air - blowing function


8Reserve front and back mould, one set of electric heating and temperature measurement interface;


9Min mould thickess:150mm; max. mould thickness200mm


10Ejecting height42mm; repeatability0.01mm


11Fixed mode of ejecting pin on ejecting board: direct pushing;


12Ejecting speed pressure on touch screen200mm/s;


13Four segments of clamping mould speed to set;


1Injection rate:400 mm/s


2Injection weight repeatability≤±0.1; injection position accuracy0.1mm


3Max. injection pressure1780kg; four segments of injection speed, pressure;


4Back pressure: adopts servo motor to control; four segments to set;


5Screw diameter:16mm; theoretical maximum injection weight 12cm3


6Barrel, screw material and surface treatment can meet the plasticization needs of PSABSPCTPUTPE and so on. It also can met the needs of high glossy product; barrel and screw need to be replaced often to inject fiberglass material;


7Barrel and injection nozzle heating require adopting energy-saving project, temperature range RT-400temperature control deviation±1℃(under the situation of feeding state and BP 10kgf/cm2; heating ring adopts special heating ring of heat flow channel and equip it with heat preserving cover and external protection cover;


8Injection nozzle backward; distance between front part of nozzle and fixed mould plate outside surface100mm(cant influence disassembly and assembly of screws;

Neutron device

1Moving and fixed mould plate: set 2 groups of mould core pulling signal supply;


2During pulling core, moves can be flexible;

Control system and

signal communication 


1Color screen; screen page can be configured; system language: English


2All motor: Yaskawa motor; in the screen, speed, pressure, position, time can be set;


3Ejector pin can be set :two-time ejection, blowing function, core programming;


4Ejection out and ejection back position can be set freely;


5Temperature control sensor: OMEGA


6Control system is equipped with USB interface


7Barrel thermocouple adopts K-type thermocouple;


8Into and outlet line end of servo controller: set the filter to control the phenomenon of electromagnetic interference;


9Using PID temperature control; electric circuit use solid state relay;

Servo system

1Servo motor closed - loop control, pressure and speed adjustable;


2All moves can be displayed on screen;


3Barrel working temperature: 50-70; If temperature is high, it will automatically alarm;


4System pressure, injection pressure, back pressure and clamping high pressure and so on can be set and monitor them.


1Install mat and steel mat (each feet one piece; A3 constructional steel; 300X300X20mm, green paint); one piece manual instruction; one set of manually clamp grip;


2Standard barrel


3Touch screen is with protection film


4Alarming signs;


5The Machine running noise is meeting the latest national standards of injection molding machine;


6Front and back mould plate are equipped with electric heating and temperature measuring interface and it can be controlled by screen.


7Machine total power:3.5KW


8Voltage: AC220 50/60HZ

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