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  • Glow Wire Test Apparatus
Glow Wire Test Apparatus

Glow Wire Test Apparatus

 Plastics Glow Wire Tester/Glow Wire Test Apparatus/Glow Wire Testing Chamber flammability testing chamber

A. IEC60695 Glow wire tester Introduction:

The glow wire tester is suitable for conducting fire hazard tests and combustion performance tests on electrical and electronic products, household appliances and their materials, simulating heat sources or ignition sources such as hot components or overload resistors under short-term fault or overload conditions. The resulting thermal stress is used to assess the fire hazard of the product.

 B. Features:

The glow wire tester control system has a high degree of automation, and the temperature control part adopts imported parts. The measurement accuracy is high, the time and temperature are digitally displayed, the observation and record are convenient, and the use is stable and reliable. The test chamber casing and important parts are made of stainless steel, which is resistant to smoke and gas corrosion.

 C. IEC60695 Glow wire tester Standards:

Design and manufacturing based on the following standards:




UL 746A

GB4706.1 and GB/T5169.10-2006

D. IEC60695 Glow wire tester Main technical indicators

1. The glow wire temperature is adjustable from 500 to 1000 °C, and the temperature measurement instrument accuracy is ±0.5. Temperature measurement using 1mm nickel-chromium armor (K type) imported thermocouple

2. Glow wire applies a force of 0.8N to 1.2N to the sample and limits the penetration depth to at least 7mm

3. The application time of the glow wire to the sample (Ta) is adjustable from 0 to 99 minutes and 99 seconds, generally set to 30 seconds according to the standard requirements, and a timer is used to measure the time of ignition duration (Ti) and the flame extinguish time (Te). Time error ±1s

4. The instrument is easy to operate and the temperature measurement system is stable and reliable.

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