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  • Comparative Tracking index test apparatus
Comparative Tracking index test apparatus

Comparative Tracking index test apparatus



High quality Leakage Current testers Comparative Tracking index test apparatus

Technical parameters
1. Number of test groups
five groups;
2. Electrode
0.5mm thick, 304 stainless material, distance between upper and lower electrodes
3. Test voltage
100V-6000V stepless adjustable;
4. Voltage stability
± 1%;
5. Voltage regulator
6. Test transformer
capacity 5KVA, maximum output voltage AC6000V;
7. Output voltage
8. High precision voltage regulator
output AC220V power 6000W, accuracy ± 1%;
9. When the high voltage circuit current reaches or exceeds 60mA for 2s during the test, the relay will act, cut off the current, and the buzzer will alarm to indicate that the test object is unqualified. At this time, the alarm sound will be relieved by pressing the voltage to stop;
10. Marking judgment
according to GB/T6553-2003/4.1.2, apply voltage (2.5kV, 3 5kV and 4.5kV), and drop the contaminated liquid at a certain flow
rate. If the current is below 60mA for 6h, it will pass through;
11. Test time
6 hours;
12. Dropping interval time
the test time can be preset, and 0~99.99S/M/H can be continuously adjusted;
13. Dropping device
high-precision dropping device with adjustable height, precise peristaltic pump and adjustable flow range;
14. Test solution
ammonium chloride, isooctyl phenoxy polyethoxyethanol, non-ionic wetting agent and distilled water or deionized water mixture.
The resistivity of the contaminated solution at (23 ±) 1 ℃ shall be (3.95 ± 0.05) Ω· m.
15. Filter paper size
made according to the standard size requirements, and the thickness of filter paper is 0.15~0.17mm.
16. Chassis
SUS304 stainless steel (wire drawing surface);
17. The sewage tank is made of 316 stainless steel and equipped with sealing device;
18. Working chamber volume
950L * 650W * 900H (mm); The volume is more than 0.5m3;
19. Overall dimension of instrument
1200L * 700W * 1800H (mm);
20. The control system is controlled by PLC, and one of the working groups can be controlled separately.
21. Control device
PLC+touch screen control is adopted, with precise control, simple operation, humanized design, and automatic report generation
after the test.
22. Test solution
(0.1 ± 0.002)% mass fraction of ammonium chloride (NH4CZ) is diluted with distilled water.

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