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  • Rheometer Rubber Mooney Viscometer
Rheometer Rubber Mooney Viscometer

Rheometer Rubber Mooney Viscometer

 1.  Rheometer Rubber Mooney Viscometer Equipment usage: 

Mooney viscometer is suitable for the determination of various kinds of unvulcanized natural rubber, synthetic rubber and reclaimed rubber Mooney viscosity, the scorch time and curing index.


2.  Rheometer Rubber Mooney Viscometer Applicable standard:

GB/T 1232 Unvulcanized rubber Mooney viscometer measurement

GB/T 1233 Rubber vulcanization characteristics of the early determination of Mooney viscosity meter method

ISO289 non vulcanized rubber - shearing type plate viscometer is used to test

ISO667 rubber vulcanization characteristics of the early determination of Mooney viscosity meter method

ASTM D 1646   DIN 53525    JIS k6300


3.  Rheometer Rubber Mooney Viscometer Features:

3.1 High precision sensors: 0 ~ 200 Mooney value. Mooney value accuracy within ±0.5 a Mooney value. Resolution: 0.1 Mooney value

3.2 Control system: adopting computer control + Integrated circuit for data collection, storage, processing and printing test results and curve processing, testing process curve comparison and history curve comparison function.

3.3 Rotation system: Panasonic servo motor system + amplitude regulator

3.4 Temperature control system: adopting intelligent digital temperature control instrument, Automatism adjust PID control parameters in real time.

3.5 Data transmission way: USB transmission

3.6 Display mode: TY Viscosity + Win 7 test software of computer screen and high resolution touch screen man-machine interface. The whole measurement is very convenient, fast and accurate.

3.7 Rotor: Cr6wv material, high strength and abrasion resistance.

3.8 Measurement method: Humanistic way of measurement and control, Two way: mouse click or touch screen

3.9 Lighting system: LED light source, mold opening automatically turns on the light, mold closing automatically turns off the light

3.10 Protection system: 5mm acrylic protective cover, which opens or closes with command automatically. Cover will close when power off to keep hands safe. Die closing must use the physical keys on the device side to avoid misoperation to ensure safe operation 

3.11 Man-machine systems: BOE original 17.3 " TFT-LCE WLED backlight A gauge LCD screen, 16.7 million color display, full HD 1920 * 1200, Angle of 178 , 10 point touching control, 3ms response capacitor screen. Double layer physical toughened MO-Type level 7 explosion-proof glass. Standard J1900 quad-core processor, 4G memory, 128G solid state industrial control all-in-one machine

3.12 Intelligent software: provide a powerful data query function, user-friendly design, convenient and fast operation.

3.13 Languages: simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Russian


4. Technical parameter

Range of temperature control


Temperature fluctuation


Rate of temperature increase


Range of Mooney value

200 mooney value under full scale

Mooney value resolution

0.1 mooney value

Accuracy of Mooney value

±0.5 mooney value



Rotor speed


Power supply

Single phase AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz



Overall size





Built-in 17.3-inch TFT multi-touch industrial control screen


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