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  • Double layers Heat and cooling Rubber Vulcanizing Press Machine
Double layers Heat and cooling Rubber Vulcanizing Press Machine

Double layers Heat and cooling Rubber Vulcanizing Press Machine

 High Quality rubber vulcanizer press / Hydraulic rubber vulcanizing press/ rubber press machine
The plastics and rubber raw materials are placed in a mold and added pressure and temperature on material to form the raw materials for testing and serve as a basis for mass production of ingredients in the factory.
1: Capacity:30tons(10,20,30,50,100,200etc.) pressure 5~18 MPA adjustable
2: Temperature range: RT~300 degrees
3:Controller: LED digital display, enter by keys.
4: Heating mode: electronic heater tube
5: Plate size: 300*300*40mm
6: Space: 80mm
7:Plate material: SKD Chrome molybdenum alloy
8:Plate surface: HRC60 Mirror chrome
9: Working layers: 2 layer. Top layer: heating; bottom layer: cooling
10: Oil pressure system: GPY oil pump drives high-performance electro-hydraulic injection to non-resistance oil cylinders to
perform equal-rate control mode, with automatic pressure compensation and oil pump delay shutdown function.
11: Hydraulic medium:40L Mobil 46# Antifreeze Hydraulic Fluid (Customer-supplied)
21:Power: 8KW
22:Volume: 920*470*1425mm
23:Weight: 658kg
10,20,30,50,100,200, etc.
RT- 300 degrees
digital control or touch screen control optional
Heating plate material
  SKD Chrome molybdenum alloy/HRC60 Mirror chrome
Platen size
300*300*40(it can be customization)
Working layers
There are two kinds of choice
1: Only one working layer for heating
2: Double working layers,one for heating and one for cooling

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